Are Oats Gluten Free?
Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 11:30PM
Elisabeth Veltman, The Tender Foodie in Food Allergy Facts, Product Review, bob's red mill, gluten-free oats
ARE OATS GLUTEN-FREE? It depends. Oats do not naturally contain gluten. However, they contain a protein called "avenin" to which many folks (especially those with Celiac disease) are sensitive. Oats can be dusted with wheat flour at the factory. And can also be contaminated on the farm.  Wheat & oats often are planted in rotation on the same land, causing cross-contact.  If you are able to have oats, get the gluten-free kind.  But introduce oats carefully and mindfully if you have a gluten allergy.
Bob's Red MIll has a great blog post about this.  Read on!



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