Ronald Stram, MD on Lyme as a Public Heatlh Crisis, How Physicians Need to Adapt, and the Trouble with Testing
Sunday, August 21, 2016 at 3:35PM
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Dear Friends,

This is my current specialist who is treating me for complex Lyme, Dr. Ronald Stram. He is a compassionate, smart man who is urging all doctor's to become educated as "not just literate, but actively seeking physicians" - and to make it part of their diagnostic differential. In other words, when someone comes in with bizarre symptoms, don't just ignore it, or work with standard tests. Learn about how this infection behaves, how the 100+ (in some countries 300+) possible co-infections behave and how the symptoms present outside of the tests, AND use other blood work - such as how the immune system is functioning. There are specific indicators in the immune system that can be tested to see if it is suppressed - and how.

Favorite Quotes from Dr. Stram:

"40% of Lyme patients end up with long term health problems. Catching it earlier brings those numbers way, way down."

"Lyme Disease Tests are 50% accurate. What scientist would accept a test like that?"

"“The best practice of medicine involves continual feedback from patients, research, labs, and analysis resulting in appropriate action.”

“It can leave you feeling hopeless. That’s when you have your mother or your father or your sister or your brother saying, ‘C’mon, you can take this pill.’”

... or your wonderful friends or adopted family of loving, supportive co-horts.


With Delicious Wishes,



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