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If Chocolate Were the Perfect Man, Would He Be Dairy-free?



XOXO, Love, Chocolate.


I love chocolate.  So much so, that when I was a kid my mother used to hide the chocolate chips from me.  If she didn’t, she could never find any in the house when she wanted to bake.  I had already eaten them.  She hid that yellow bag of semi-sweet morsels in the most unlikely places, too -- the china cabinet, the back of the coat closet, the piano bench…  I would always (I mean always) find them.  One day my “choco-dar” led me to a little fire safe in the basement.  I knew they were in there (and they were indeed).   So I sat for an hour pondering potential combinations.  I summoned all of my magic powers, “If I believe I can open this safe, I can.  I will. I will”.  A chocoholic I am, a safecracker, not so much. 


When I found out that my adult dairy allergies would limit the kinds of chocolate I would be able to eat, I went through a period of denial.  Those “traces” of dairy wouldn’t really harm me, would they?  My own body finally forced my illusions to hit the reality fan.  I realized that this secret romance with the forbidden was over.  Until I met Barry Callebaut.


Barry Callebaut, Je T’aime


Valentine’s Day always makes me think of chocolate.  And of love.  And making truffles.  This year I was determined to finally find the perfect high quality dairy-free chocolate for these little confections.  And during my search, I spoke to the very charming and intelligent folks at Callebaut, a chocolate manufacturer based in Zurich, Switzerland.  They have factories in 26 countries and are the only chocolate manufacturer in North America with a dedicated, dairy-free dark chocolate line.  They test for it, too.  While they do not produce gluten or nut products in this factory, they also do not yet test for the presence of those allergens (so do your own research).  They are, however, considering additional allergen-testing, so they can serve a larger Tender Foodie market.   As for soy, there are small amounts of soy lecithin in Callebaut chocolate used to give the chocolate the best consistency. 

Before I called Callebaut, I asked myself the question… what is the perfect chocolate, anyway?  Is it anything like the “perfect man”?  I’ve made many mistakes in my love affair with chocolate.  So I wondered . . .


If chocolate were the “perfect man”, what would he say?

 (And maybe, just maybe could “he” even have a little French accent?) 


Mon Petit Bonbon,


You are the most interesting and wonderful woman I have ever met (I like him already).   I want to learn all about you and satisfy your every need...  I will not drink milk because you cannot.  If you need me to be Vegan, I am yours.  I’ll live and travel only to places that are gluten-free… so mon cher, you can have me anywhere.


Don’t worry, my love, I’ll protect you.  I got tested.  And if religion is important to you, I can even become Kosher. 


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to change “who” I am.  I am chocolate.  I respect my home, the rainforest, and the knowledge of the farmers who raised me.  If you were looking for a cheap roll in the hay, you would not be the one.  I need a woman who appreciates my finer qualities.  And you do.


I am a little naughty, you know.  And so are you, my little vixen, especially when you are with me.  But I have the beans to be faithful. I will not let any GMOs, politicians, or biotech powerhouses get into my pants.   


And now, I must tell you something that you may not want to hear.  I am not really an aphrodisiac.  Please don’t be disappointed.  I am not perfect.  I am only a food.  But we are meant for each other.  My serotonin-making tryptophan will increase your desire and my phenylethylamine will make you will fall in love with me over and over again.  I promise.  Each time we are together, we will keep it real so that you have as many anti-oxidants as I can give to you.  Especially when we turn out the lights. And when you unwrap every ounce of me and it’s dark.  Very, very dark.


My final promise:  I am good for both your brain and your heart – you don’t have to choose.  And when I melt in your mouth, your passion will last four times longer than if I had simply, lustfully kissed you. 


Ah, mon cherie, until I melt in your mouth again…


Xoxo, Love,



 My Dairy-Free Picks for Making Candy & Baking

  I suppose, there is no such thing as the perfect man.  And if the perfect man existed, would we like him?  I’m not so sure that we would.  I was afraid this would also be true for the perfect allergen-free chocolate.  Perfect isn’t always very interesting or very good.  But when it comes to food – being perfect often means that the quality, texture and taste is sooooo, so very much better.  And in the case of chocolate, being perfect in the hands of the experts is a very good thing. 



Barry Callebaut

Bittersweet / Dark Chocolate

  • Dairy-free in North America


Enjoy Life

Semi-sweet chocolate chips

  • Dairy-free
  • Nut-free
  • Soy-free
  • Gluten-free


Click here for the allergen-free chocolates that are the best for baking, candy-making and giving.





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