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Daily Tips

When it comes to food allergies, there is a big learning curve.  To help with the details, we are posting a daily tip about the top food allergens, cross contamination and how to avoid it, crazy hidden places that food allergies hide, cooking and baking tips, and more.  There will be a new one every day!  Read them with your morning beverage, forward to family & friends who need them, and discuss.




Product Love: Allergy Tattoos

Allergy bracelets, necklaces.. and now tattoos? Here's another way to help alert others to your child's food allergies. What do you think, parents?
Safety Tats are water proof, smudge proof and last a few days. Great for a party, or when your kids are at camp if they have one or two severe allergies. If your child has multiple allergies, your little one could truly look like an air mailed package, and will run out of body parts to tattoo!
Here's Safety Tats website:

Two Advantages of Buying from Small, Local Farms 

There are many, many advantages for you, for the farmer, and for society at large to buy from small, local farms.

Here are two: 1) if organic, the farmer helps control pesticide use, incl. GMO seed  2) Small farms help keep the soil's immune system healthy by rotating & heirloom crops and by employing other practices that large farms do not.  The soil's immune system is like ours - it needs variety & healthy bacteria and practices that continue to infuse it w/ nutrients (not strip).

Learn where your state ranks in local farming and food: The 2014 Locavore Index: See Where Your State Ranks in Local Food

A chemical in certain pesticides that are used world wide, including pesticide containing GMO seeds / plants that are allowed only in the United States, are suspected to play a part in the massive bee death that is occuring in the United States and around the world right now. We need our polinators, without them, we have no food.

Health Canada issued a report in September indicating that detectable residues of neonicotinoid insecticides used to treat corn and soybean seeds were found in large numbers of dead bee samples taken in 2013.

"Residues of neonicotinoid insecticides were detected in samples from approximately 80 per cent of the beekeepers for which samples have been analyzed."

Here's a study being done on what this pesticide is doing to the gut bacteria of bees:

Pesticide exposure and pathogens may interact to have strong negative effects on managed honey bee colonies. Such findings are of great concern given the large numbers and high levels of pesticides found in honey bee colonies.




How to Read Egg Carton Labels

If you are confused and concerned by egg labeling, you are not alone. When you read what each label allows or disallows, it is in one moment comforting, and in the next, shocking. For instance, Cage-Free allows the chickens who lay the eggs to roam free, but does not guarantee that they are exposed to sunlight and also allows beak cutting, a gruesome practice to keep the chickens from pecking each other in close quarters.

So read more, and consider getting your eggs from a local farm with a reputation you can count on.

This simple graphic from Willy Blackmore, Take Part's food editor helps us make better decisions when we feel the chill of the refrigerator aisle and reach for those cartons.

 Click the graphic to make it bigger and more readable.



Exercise Brings Oxygen to Cells

It's spring, and if you are struggling with immune issues, or paralyzed when you think of putting on that bkikii this year, here is a little motivation to get you moving. It's important, even if you are struggling with your health.

When we move, it improves our circulation.  Circulation carries the nutrients and oxygen to our cells, the building blocks of our bodies.  Oxygen nourishes, but it also can help you ward off infection since, as Dr. Keri Topouzian puts it, "most bugs don't like oxygen".

If your body needs energy when you are ill, but is not getting the nutrients it needs because of malabsorption, for instance, one of the first places it goes for extra nutrients is the muscle. So help your body provide itself nutrients and find some activity that works for you.

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Read more advice from Dr. Topouzian about Exercise & The Immune System and what exercise does for you sexy bod.

Try a few yoga poses to help improve circulation and release one of the toughest muscles in the body to get flexible (the psoas). Examples from Melanie McQuown of PeaceLab Yoga.



This week's PRODUCT LOVE: Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds for Household Cleaning


This product is gluten-free and made without harsh chemicals, yet cleans SO, so very well, and has so many uses!

So, despite the crazy label (and partly because of it), I love this soap for household cleaning. All of Dr. Bronner's soaps spout the philosophy of this passionate soap maker who wanted a soap AND a world that is "All in one!" He uses a blend of Christian and Jewish philosophies, and words of great poets to make up his unique world, and preaches them right on the bottle. My eyes crossed when they first grazed the fine print, but a part of me has always wanted to meet the character behind those passionate words.

I've used the body soaps for decades now, heavily diluted (they are potent), as a body wash. I also use them to clean my tub and shower. If you mix the body soap and a little baking soda, you get the same gentle abrasive cleaning as Soft Scrub. With our without the baking soda, it cleans much better and more safely than any other bathroom cleaner on the market. I mean, why use harsh chemicals on the tub into which you put your gorgeous body?

A friend of mine told me that she adds vinegar for a little more power on soap scum. The vinegar and baking soda will have a little harmless chemical reaction, which is fun, too.

So when I saw Sal Suds on the shelf, a product that claims to clean your whole house with just a few teaspoons in a bucket of water, and also does laundry and the dishes, I had to try it.

According to the label, "It is made with plant-based surfactants and natural fir needle and spruce essential oils (no cheap, harsh pine stump oil), without any synthetic dyes, fragrances or preservatives." It's biodegradable, and has a lovely, subtle pine scent.

Your clothes don't smell like perfume, and your house smells like a lovely home, not a recently disinfected New York City subway.

If you are highly sensitive to chemically based cleaners, this is a wonderful thing to have in the house. When I first did the laundry with it, I added a quarter cup, less than half of what I would add if using other concentrated detergents. Guess what? The suds were several inches deep, so I cut that amount in half, too!  It's price tag is $13.99 for 32 oz., but it will last a very long time if you use it according to the directions.

Read a little history of the soap, Dr. Bronner himself, and some other uses for his products.