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When it comes to food allergies, there is a big learning curve.  To help with the details, we are posting a daily tip about the top food allergens, cross contamination and how to avoid it, crazy hidden places that food allergies hide, cooking and baking tips, and more.  There will be a new one every day!  Read them with your morning beverage, forward to family & friends who need them, and discuss.



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Charcoal Briquettes Can Contain Gluten - Opt for 100% Pure Wood Charcoal

Becky, from a local Celiac Support Center in Grand Rapids - which also runs their Gluten-Free Food Fair, let me know about this. Many charcoals have a form of starch, usually wheat-based (but also could be corn, rice, or potato), that holds the charcaol in the briquette form, and allows a controlled burn. There is a risk that the gluten from the briquette could be inhaled, as well as get on the food cooked over it and digested. Your best bet is to use a 100% wood charcoal (lump charcoal) that can be found at major hardware store chains and some grocery stores.  It looks like lumps of burnt wood, not the pillow shaped briquettes. It might be a little harder to light, but what's a little BBQ adventure, as opposed to taking a risk with your health?

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