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When it comes to food allergies, there is a big learning curve.  To help with the details, we are posting a daily tip about the top food allergens, cross contamination and how to avoid it, crazy hidden places that food allergies hide, cooking and baking tips, and more.  There will be a new one every day!  Read them with your morning beverage, forward to family & friends who need them, and discuss.



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Hidden Gluten: Low Fat Dairy?  Yep.

If you are one of the lucky people who are allergic or sensitive to gluten, or have celiac disease, but not allergic to dairy, watch out for low fat dairy products.  Gluten is a popular thickener that replaces the fat that the "low fat" people remove. Because of new labeling laws, you "should" see it on the label, however, gluten may not need to be labeled if it is distilled. Some people still react to allergens that are distilled.

Low fat is also often laced w/ sugar, as well as additives, so chances are you won't be missing any great health benefits if you pass up the low fat.