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Bananas soon may have warning labels that they contain shellfish

Seafood-Allergy Alert: Bananas may soon have warning labels for containing shellfish: A new preservative made from shellfish slows ripening. (This coating is NOT yet used on bananas.)

This has hit the main news in the UK and US, so its release is imminent unless there is a huge push back from vegans, those with seafood allergies, and others. Most of the  main news is not including the millions with seafood allergies where trace amounts of seafood could trigger anaphylactic shock, just by touching it, or touching something that the bananas touched.

The spray would have to permeate the peel in order to kill the bacteria in the peel that rots it, so it could impact the fruit, as well. Our immune systems are exposed to so much in our modern world

I am grateful to Shape Magazine for its article that gets down to a very important issue.

"This is big," fitness and nutrition expert JJ Virgin says. "However, the banana wouldn't necessarily become non-vegan—it depends on the person. ... More important than the vegan issue, according to Virgin, is the issue of allergies. "Someone who eats a banana every day—and many people do—could develop an allergy or a low-grade reaction to the shellfish where she or he didn't originally have one," she says.

Indeed, food allergies have been on the rise in recent years, and when your immune system is constantly exposed to something, your digestive system    can begin to create a response to it.

Excerpt from "Shape Magazine"


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