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When it comes to food allergies, there is a big learning curve.  To help with the details, we are posting a daily tip about the top food allergens, cross contamination and how to avoid it, crazy hidden places that food allergies hide, cooking and baking tips, and more.  There will be a new one every day!  Read them with your morning beverage, forward to family & friends who need them, and discuss.



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Exercise Brings Oxygen to Cells

It's spring, and if you are struggling with immune issues, or paralyzed when you think of putting on that bkikii this year, here is a little motivation to get you moving. It's important, even if you are struggling with your health.

When we move, it improves our circulation.  Circulation carries the nutrients and oxygen to our cells, the building blocks of our bodies.  Oxygen nourishes, but it also can help you ward off infection since, as Dr. Keri Topouzian puts it, "most bugs don't like oxygen".

If your body needs energy when you are ill, but is not getting the nutrients it needs because of malabsorption, for instance, one of the first places it goes for extra nutrients is the muscle. So help your body provide itself nutrients and find some activity that works for you.

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