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REVIEW: Make Me Over Gluten-Free! (Mineral Fusion Make Up)


As seen in Women's Lifestyle Magazine's May, 2012 edition.  Photographs by Daniel E. Johnson of Wealthy Street Photography.

Believe it or not, I'm quite camera shy (really).  In this snap happy world of social media, and with my obligations as a blogger for The Tender Palate and writer for Women’s Lifestyle Magazine, my graciousness in front of the camera leaves a lot to be desired.  It’s rather unsettling to emerge from my somewhat secluded life and “let” perfect strangers document my secrets as they emerge on the map of my face, the turn of my posture, and through the self-conscious gates of my eyes.  Internally, I’m very comfortable with who I am.  But when the vacant lens of modern technology curves ominously toward me, I become the awkward stranger who can’t do anything right.

So for this article, I decided to buck up, accept my insecurities and flaws, and just get over it – right in front of you.  

Thanks to photographer, Daniel Johnson (of Wealthy Street Photography), and makeup artist and Women’s Lifestyle Magazine beauty columnist, Marianne Bockheim, I was able to repair my relationship with that dreaded device called “the camera” and get some tips on how to look better in front of it.   They both helped me feel incredibly comfortable.  Marianne worked her magic on my face with gluten-free makeover using Mineral Fusion ™, “Minerals on a Mission ™” make up.  She also offered some great advice on how to use these wonderful products.    


Mineral Fusion Makeup. Photo by Daniel E. Johnson, Wealthy Street Photography


I Chose Mineral Fusion™ for Three Reasons:

1.    It’s gluten-free status.  

“...all of our products are gluten free. However, no, our facilities are not certified as gluten free. We know our products are gluten free because we perform testing on our finished products. Those results have always resulted in undetectable levels of gluten, which indicates there is no cross-contamination occurring at our facility.  Moreover, our equipment is thoroughly cleaned between product runs, as required by the US FDA.”
~Tim Schaeffer, Mineral Fusion’s SVP of Marketing

Please visit for specific ingredient and processing information.

2.    Mineral Fusion has a low toxicity rating in the Skin Deep database from the Environmental Working Group ( 

3.    The products work.  They work well and are locally available.




Primer & ConcealeMarianne began with my naked face and applied the Face Primer.  This clear gel creates a smooth canvas for the foundation.  Use the lighter half of the Concealer Duo to cover up any discoloration, and the darker Concealer in the center of under eye puffiness to help “flatten” the puffy curve.  Use a thin application of the Concealer on the eyelid from lash to brow to prepare for the eye color.




FoundatioUsing a chubby brush swirl the Pressed Powder Foundation over the entire face.  This evens out your skin, and sets the Concealer.

Then, with a brush, sweep the blush along the cheekbones from ear to apple to define.  Since the apples of most cheeks already contain color, you may not need to apply much blush (or any) to this area.




Before using the liner, apply the lightest neutral eye shadow from lash to brow.  Apply the liner to the top lid starting from the outside corner of your eye.  Move inward with short, choppy strokes along the lash line.  This makes it easier to control how thick or thin your eyeliner is.  Buff the line with a brush to soften.  Use the same choppy eyeliner strokes (outside to inside) on the bottom lid, too, stopping about 1/3 of the way across the lid.  Using a brush, add a little copper eye shadow over the eyeliner to create a softer, different look.







Marianne used two medium toned eye colors directly on the lid (pink on the inside and copper on the highest point of the lid).  She swirled the darker brown around the outside “V” of the eyelid itself.  With a good brush you don’t need to work too hard at blending.  It just happens.





Take one swipe on top of the lashes (root to tips).  Then place the brush under the lashes, push at the lash base, and then wiggle the brush through the lash tips.  This is a great way to reinforce the eyeliner, or even give you the illusion of eyeliner if you choose not to wear it.










Outline the lips with a lip pencil or with a brush using the lipstick itself.  Then fill in your lips with the lipstick.  We used a little lanolin (my personal trick) to the lips to add a lasting shine.










Review first seen in Women's Lifestyle Magazine, May 2012, p. 30I wore the makeup for several hours after our session (I worked into the wee hours of the night) and it has some serious staying power.  The only thing that smudged subtly was the mascara, and it wiped right off without disturbing the rest of my face.  The colors are beautiful, and I am incredibly happy with how my skin looks and feels while wearing it.  It feels good and natural.  Just the way I like it.

Here’s what the expert had to say:

 “I really love the pigment and blendability of the Mineral Fusions make up.  Traditionally, mineral makeup wasn’t known for holding color.  But advances in technology have helped change that.  Mineral Fusion has a wonderful intensity of color and I love it’s luster.  The colors are really user friendly, it isn’t difficult to figure out how to apply it.  You have a great deal of control.  Even the most challenged of skin can wear this make up well. “  

~Marianne Bockheim,


According to a recent study (published in October, 2011), gluten (derived from wheat, barley and other grains) in cosmetics, shampoos and skincare products can pose a threat to people with wheat allergies and celiac disease.  Gluten particles are thought too big to be absorbed through the skin, but people may accidentally ingest small quantities of lotion, lipstick, or other products if they have the product on their hands or use it around their mouth. People with celiac disease and wheat allergies (IgE reactions in particular) can also react to topical application, and ingredients can be hidden.  Vitamin E, for instance is often derived from wheat.  The study cited one woman who started using a new lotion, then developed an itchy, blistering rash on her arms, as well as abdominal bloating and diarrhea - all of which disappeared once she stopped using the lotion.

I was excited to find Mineral Fusion Cosmetics and hope you will be, too!



Pictured with Makeup Artist, Marianne Bockheim (left)Writer, owner of Blue Pearl Strategies, and lover of all culinary delights, Elisabeth is a Tender Foodie. She started The Tender Palate, a website for foodies with food allergies where she consults with experts from every area of the Tender Foodie life. She believes that everyone should live deliciously and have a healthy seat at the table. Find her at  (Pictured with Marianne Bockheim)

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Reader Comments (8)

Its about time they came out with gluten free makeup. I just emailed this to my sister she hasn't been able to wear makeup in years.
June 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSally Hansen
So glad you found this post, Sally! This is great stuff, too. There are other companies starting to come out with gluten-free makeup, as well. But I'm particularly fond of Mineral Fusion. Thanks for your comment!
I will be honest about Mineral Fusion Make-Up. I made an investment of several hundred dollars in the moisturizer, foundation and pressed powder. In a matter of days/weeks, I experienced the worst break-out I have had in years and years. I returned the moisturizer and also foundation, and received a refund from Whole Foods. I was advised the pressed power alone would be fine. It was not. My face broke out in red welts all over, with deep pimples that hurt. I bought the products because I was starting a new job and wanted to look my best and instead, looked my worst, with a lot of attempts to cover the red welts/pimples with powder that looked pretty bad in general. To heal my skin, I used Raw Honey over the last few days (not Grade A), and switched to Physician's Formula mineral make-up. My skin looks 1000% better since stopping the Mineral Fusion make-up. For the sake of other women, my guess is that the ingredients in this product were changed in the last year or few years and there is something very toxic in the blend now.
HI Mineral Fusion Break-Out Survivor,

That is a dreadful story, I'm glad you found a product that works better for you. It sounds like you may have had a specific reaction to something that might be unique to you? I can honestly say that I have had great success with Mineral Fusion for over a year. My skin feels great with it, and its gluten-free.

Thanks for sharing beautiful makeup tips.Mineral fusion makeup is really stunning.
September 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMaria Cabot
Thanks for your comment, Maria! I do love this this make up :).

Thank you for your helpful blog!
I just want to say first off that Glam Girl Naturals Cosmetics is reviewing their own products and recommending them on celiac blogs not a fair critique at all.
I tried them myself and feel duped I would love to return the whole lot, but of course can’t because I tried them. Just want to save someone else from what I went through.
All of the containers of makeup for Glam Girl Naturals Cosmetics are very small, very very small. I wear makeup everyday, and would have to buy tones of it to feel like I wasn’t going to run out.
The foundation and concealer are insanely thick, they don’t spread at all. (With either a brush or fingers.) which makes you need to use even more of the tiny container to try and do your whole face. And the powder doesn’t fair much better just sticking to the clumpy foundation in spots and not blending at all.
Very disappointing. Although I must admit their lipstick is lovely, through not as pigmented as I would have liked. I tried many colours and they all went on very sheer. But felt lovely on.
Hope that helps, just put an order in with ZuZu cosmetics, hope I get it before the holiday parties coming up! Would hate to have to wear the clumpy mess I have, or even worse makeup with gluten eeeek!
December 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterToni
Hi Toni W.,
You shouldn’t really be going around talking negatively. I am the supervisor for Customer Relations at Glam Girl Naturals Cosmetics. A few of our loyal customers who come across reviews found your NEGATIVE comments on 2 sites, and I had to find these and set the record straight.

Celiac disease is serious, and the amount of wheat and gluten in cosmetics is unbeleivable. We are proud to be 100% gluten free, and have mostly rave reviews from all our customers. This person Toni W. seems like they have all the time in the world to speak negatively, and to top that LIE!!

First of all, you have no proof that the reviews that our customers are using are made up. Second of all, you are the one lying. Below are the FACTS that clearly contradict your negative lies. It is
Your ordered a few samples of foundation(very small because it is a SAMPLE SIZE) and samples of eyeshadows, are what the facts are. You ordered a LOOSE MINERAL SAMPLE size, 1 lipstick sample, a 2-in-1 sample, and some eyeshadows. The Glam Girl Loose Mineral Foundation sample you ordered is a fine mineral powder- that GLIDES ON YOUR FACE. So- you didn’t order any thing that would “clumpy foundation” as you put it. So there is your first lie.
You mentioned you ordered foundation, lipstick and blush, and that too in full size? You only ordered samples- 1 lipstick sample, 1 loose mineral foundation sample, and NO blush samples- so how can you write a review when you didn’t even use it? Anyone who HAS used our blush LOVES that it’s botanical properties help condition their skin, and that it has a slight shimmer, so it gives you that added glow. And here you are, lying. Second lie.
You appreciated our lipstick(s) saying it’s lovely- your ordered Divine- that is a nice and richly pigmented color of a lipstick, so to hear you saying that, is a little shocking. But we do appreciate your positive words on the lipstick. They truly are amazing, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and leave your lips soft, with the ultra-luxe moistness from our lipsticks!
You mentioned that our products don’t last that long- you ordered SAMPLES. Sorry, but our samples -as with any company’s samples- even if you use a few times a day, they can last at least a few days. I have had customers using their eyeshadow samples and lipstick samples for at least 4-5 days before they run out. But when it comes to Full size- our sizes of our Glam Girl Loose Mineral Foundation, and Creme Mineral Foundations are comparable to that of Bare Minerals foundation size- and let me tell you- they last super long!! So you always get your money’s worth. The same goes for our richly pigmented eyeshadows, gel liners, lipsticks, lipliners- all our sizes are comparable to what you see out there, so rest assured, if you had gotten the real size, it would have lasted you A LONG TIME!!
We wished you would have addressed your concerns to us at We are always committed to excellence, and to serving our customers in the best way possible. We have mostly rave reviews on our products, so if there was something that you didn’t like in your SAMPLE ORDER, and if something concerned you regarding our FULL SIZE products, you could have directly contacted us, and we would have been very happy to help you with your concerns.
We stand by our products 100%, and by our customers- the ones that are HONEST and true- and are sorry that anyone was falsely lead by your negative lies. However, just go to our website and see the testimonials for yourself. You will see what our customers really think.
Sarah J.
Supervisor, Customer Relations
Glam Girl Naturals Cosmetics

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